Causes of ED

While most of the men are depressed about the fact on ED, it is advisable to learn the causes of the ED. While most of them are avoidable, certain causes are inescapable; in any case, men who suffer from ED need to understand that ED can be treated in many ways. Whether it is surgery or oral medication, treatment is best recommended for men with ED.  


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What Causes ED?

Erectile Dysfunction varies with various individuals, while many men have difficulty in getting erection; few others fail to sustain the erection through the process of sexual intercourse, while some others have a condition of lazy erection where the erection is partial and not rigid. But irrespective of the condition, if a man experiences any one of the above he is running the risk of suffering from what is called as erectile dysfunction. ED is a clinical condition and has to be tested and treated.


1. Drugs like Nicotine and Anti-Depressants may cause the condition of ED.

2. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also be a reason for ED. While drinking large amount of alcohol can cause interim erectile dysfunction, smoking might be a permanent deterrent as it might in some cases damage the blood vessels resulting in poor blood flow to the penis.

3. For men who have underwent spinal injuries or sometimes brain injuries run the risk of ED.

4. Neurological Problem such as the ones below can also cause ED :


Parkinson’s disease:

This disease results in the situation where the sufferer experiences rigidity of muscles accompaniED with a condition of tremor resulting in slowing of movement and in some cases loss of movement as well. It is know to cause retrogress in the physical condition of the victim. It is a condition which affects various organs of the body and thus classified as movement disorder.


Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer disease is the most common form of dementia. This early symptom of the disease results in memory loss for the sufferer. This is a degenerative disorder. In this case, as the disease progresses and is not diagnosed at an early stage could lead to mood swings, long-term memory loss, language breakdown and general withdrawal of the sufferer with decline in senses.


• Hormone flux where there are extremely high or low levels of testosterone.

• Interruption of blood flow in any form such as peripheral vascular disease, hypertension or any arterial disorders.

• Venous Leak is a condition where blood flowing to the penis is not controlled and retained by compression of veins in corpora cavernosa to produce erection.

• Another cause of ED could be when a man is diagnosed with Peyronie's disease which is a condition where there is an fibrous envelope of tissue in the corpora cavernosa which leads to abnormal curvature of the penis and also ED in many cases.

• Any psychological disorder such as the depression and stress although cannot be a sole causative factor but can aggravate the condition of ED further.