Causes of ED


Nicotine and Anti-Depressants drugs.

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

Physical injuries including spinal or neural.

Psychological disorders.

Harmonal imbalance.

Peripheral vascular disease.

Arterial disorders including hypertension.

Venous Leak.

Peyronie's disease.

Lifestyle disorders like Diabetes.

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ED Overview

Erectile Dysfunction is a clinical condition and can be treatED in various ways.

Penile Malfunction.

Lack of proper blood supply.

Weakened penile arteries.

Failure to attain harder erection.

ED Treatments:

Oral Drugs


Hormone supplements


Penile Suppositories

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ED Precautions

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Before we know more about the medications prescribed for ED, it becomes utmost important to know completely about the condition of ED.

ED – Erectile Dysfunction primarily refers to the condition of inability to get erection or maintaining the erection for satisfactory sexual experience regardless of the sexual stimulus.

A physical analysis of this condition can lead to a more analytical perspective of the male reproductive system as below:

Erectile Dysfunction varies with various individuals, while many men have difficulty in getting erection; few others fail to sustain the erection through the process of sexual intercourse, while some others have a condition of lazy erection where the erection is partial and not rigid. But irrespective of the condition, if a man experiences any one of the above he is running the risk of suffering from what is callED as erectile dysfunction. ED is a clinical condition and has to be testED and treatED.


It is advisable to be open about this issue and discuss about this with your doctor. You can know the causes of ED at our next section.